Hope Macaulay is a contemporary, luxury and bespoke fashion brand from a young fashion and textile designer based in Northern Ireland. Hope Macaulay pioneers and creates sustainable and pleasing knitwear, handmade to order by her team of local knitters in Northern Ireland. After graduating from university in 2018, Hope began working on her own brand and by 2020 Hope Macaulay had emerged as an inspiring, slow fashion global brand, hailed by the fashion world as a dopamine condiment and with a loyal following on social media. Hope is best known for creating her signature piece: the Colossal Knit Jacket, featuring colourful colour blocks, oversized patchwork seams and balloon cuff sleeves. Hope's creations are not a representation of reality but a world you could find in your dreams, inspired by her fascination with the mind, distortion, reality and surrealism. Hope's garments are wearable works of art, bold and vivid experiences, each one telling a dream story. Hope Macaulay firmly believes in high quality, made to order, handmade garments, shopping small, close customer service and supporting local women in our community.