Incotex brand was born in Venice in 1951 initially as a supplier of uniforms for armies and it is this world that inspired its creations. The pants is the absolute protagonist that is proposed in the skin, slim and regular variants and that reflects the solidity inherited from the military scene, adding comfort and sophistication. Its hallmark is the fit, a feature which is accompanied by attention to detail and versatility. The blue loop is the belt holder introduced at the beginning of the eighties that characterizes only the Incotex trousers. The style of the brand consists of four souls: 1951 is the forefather of smart casual and represents the perfect unification of denim and tailored details; Archivio is dedicated to an audience of true connoisseurs: these pants can be considered engineering works; Slacks is an urban casual pant that recalls the military and worker worlds and contains a very high level of research and experimentation about finishes and treatments; 5Tasche is a smart casual classic that combines the denim world with noble fabrics.